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Health Care Industry Conference 2019

HEA1905 - Using Telemedicine to Reduce Disparities, Humanize Healthcare and Drive ROI

Nov 6, 2019 3:25pm ‐ Nov 6, 2019 4:40pm

Standard: $49.00


This session will explore some of the ways that telemedicine is being deployed right now in the U.S., and the measurable outcomes and ROI that hospitals are seeing. We will discuss how technology can be implemented, utilized, and customized to reduce health system costs and aide in care delivery. But beyond that, we will discuss some of the intangibles of the patient experience and how optimal use of virtual solutions can be a powerful means to humanize healthcare.

Participants in this session will gain insights in these areas:

  • How telehealth systems can help improve efficiency, increase access and enhance satisfaction.
  • The importance of training and culture change to create a successful telemedicine program.
  • What kind of outcomes are U.S. health systems already achieving by deploying telehealth.
  • How to ensure a focus on the human element (the patient!) when delivering telehealth.


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