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Forensic & Valuation Services Conference 2019

FVC1943 - Damages Case Study: Rebutting the Speculative Wrapped in an Academic Model

‐ Nov 5, 2019 4:00pm

Standard: $ 49.00

The session will be a case study of a damages rebuttal analysis where plaintiffs’ experts (one on causation and one on damages) had speculative analyses that relied heavily on assumptions from management about the prospects of their business. It will also explore the damages expert’s use of an academic model that had limited to no track record in economic damages.

Learning Objectives:

  • Rebuttal speculative damages based on management assumptions, but fed through academic model
  • Effectively take on multiple experts at the same time– hard to follow causation of damages analysis
  • Analyze variances in data used by causation expert and damages expert on same side of case


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