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Governmental Accounting and Auditing Update Conference 2019

GAE1906 - Blockchain Use Cases in Government

‐ Aug 12, 2019 1:30pm

This session examines the use of blockchain technology has in the federal government's programs and activities. Government agencies at all levels are beginning to see more potential use cases for blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are also becoming more prevalent and the primary technology for managing cryptocurrencies is blockchain. The panel will discuss the use cases that are emerging in federal, state, and local government, as well as, areas the federal oversight community are paying attention. The panel will also discuss advantages and disadvantages of these technologies.

  • Session participants will be able to: Identify what is blockchain technology.
  • Determine the challenges and opportunities that blockchain technology presents to federal managers.
  • Apply cryptocurrency use cases emerging in government to your work.
  • Differentiate between the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies in current practice and planned usage.




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