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FMA1917 - How to Use a Talent Assessment to Hire for Culture Fit

‐ Jun 13, 2019 9:45am

As the accounting profession continues to become more competitive; hiring the right person for the role is a business imperative. With turnover rates soaring as high as 150 - 200% of an Associate’s first year’s annual salary, hiring for culture/talent fit is just as important as their technical fit. To help mitigate the likelihood of a poor hire and costing your firm more money than it needed to, you MUST use a validated assessment in the hiring process. The truth is, there are so many assessments in the market that you may use the wrong tool for the job which could result in a poor hire and/or open your organization to LEGAL RISK. This session will provide you with the information needed to accurately and legally use a talent assessment in the selection process. Not only will you will leave the session with clear guidelines on how to select the right instrument and how to use it in your selection process (as well as the rest of your talent management efforts) – you will be exposed to a very robust tool that accomplishes this mission for your firm.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize the legal parameters in using a talent assessment in the selection process.
  2. Summarize the four criteria needed to accurately use a talent assessment in the selection (and entire Talent Management) process.
  3. Analyze and evaluate how they can use a talent assessment within their firm.
  4. Create a strong case for the implementation of a talent assessment within their firm's selection (and Talent Management) process.




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