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ENG19EL01.7 - Preparing for Outlier Events That May Trigger the Next Bear Market, presented by Fox Financial

Jun 12, 2019 1:00pm ‐ Jun 12, 2019 1:25pm

Standard: $49.00


Most advisors and their clients understand we have now experienced a bull market for over a decade. Since the markets are cyclical, we know an imminent bear market is on the horizon. No one can pinpoint when it will arrive. However, both advisors and clients can prepare ahead of time so when the bear market comes growling and baring its teeth, there is a specific, well thought out plan in place to be implemented to keep both advisors and their clients as calm as possible, as well as preventing catastrophic losses. This session will be presented by Deborah Fox, an advisor who has personally dealt with three bear markets over the past thirty years. During the 2007-08 financial crisis, she guided her clients to escape the large losses that most investors experienced. Since then, she has developed a system and checklist to keep both her and her clients as calm and rational as possible during scary times when a negative outlier event arrives. Deborah will share her Outlier Bear Market Checklist with you and provide you with options for how you can expertly guide your clients to make good decisions during tumultuous times. Preparing ahead for the next inevitable stock market decline will empower you and your team and demonstrate to your clients that you stand out as an advisory firm (and may very well get you some referrals)! Deborah Fox CEO & Founder of Fox Financial Planning Network for CPAs PFP Section Partner & Presenter for “Building a Tax & Financial Advisory Business” Workshop Founder & Senior Advisor of Essential Planners A Flat Fee Wealth Management Firm Financial Advisor since 1987.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Help advisors and their clients think through how to come up with a specific plan ahead of time for when the next Bear Market hits so they can keep their emotions in check.
  2. Provide a checklist of suggested actions advisors can take when the next Bear Market arrives.
  3. How to effectively communicate to clients during scary times.


  • Deborah Fox, CEO & Founder, Fox Financial Planning Network

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