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PST1910 - M & A Trends and 5 Key Variables to Value an Accounting Firm

Jun 11, 2019 1:25pm ‐ Jun 11, 2019 2:40pm

Standard: $49.00


Is it a buyer or seller’s marketplace? What are the latest M & A trends? What are the most utilized deal structures? How can you retain reasonable control, income and autonomy while creating a succession plan? When selling to an external buyer, how do you value an accounting firm in 2019? When selling to your partner (s), how do you value your firm in 2019? What are the keys to client retention post-closing a merger or acquisition? If you are considering selling your firm to an eternal buyer or internally or interested in growing by acquisition, this session is for you!

In this session we will learn about the general M & A trends we are seeing in 2019 and likely in the future including:

  1. What are the alternative deals structures you should consider?
  2. What are the 5 main variables that determine how to value an accounting firm in an external sale?
  3. What values are firms placing on partners buying out partners?
  4. What are the 4 important messages to send client to help maximize client retention post-closing a merger or acquisition?


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