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PFP19ER05 - Developing a Sound Investment Policy Statement for Your Client

Jun 11, 2019 6:00am ‐ Jun 11, 2019 6:50am

Standard: $49.00


A thoughtfully constructed Investment Policy Statement can be the bedrock of your client relationship, allowing your client (and you!) to remain focused on an agreed-upon strategy and tactics during even the most trying of times. Why, then, is IPS often reduced to a compliance exercise, or just one more stack of papers that gathers dust in your clients' files? In this session, we'll explore the components of an IPS that help keep relationships on track, and discuss how to create, present, and refresh the IPS to be of maximum practical use. One size definitely doesn't fit all, but we'll consider a wide range of dimensions for potential inclusion, and explore how to be thorough without drowning your client in information. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will understand the full range of dimensions underlying the strategy and tactics they employ on behalf of their client, and be able to discern which should be documented in an Investment Policy Statement for a particular client.
  2. Participants will develop sensitivity to how the value of the Investment Policy Statement can be diminished in the absence of a communications strategy and a strategy to refresh and renew the IPS.


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