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Women's Global Leadership Summit 2018

WOM1823 - The Power of NO! How to Get Rid of the Good Things in Life to Make Room for Great

‐ Nov 16, 2018 9:45am

Standard: $ 49.00

Did you know part of Steve Jobs’ success came from saying no to 85% of Apple’s product line?

In school we learn that things are either right or wrong and numbers never lie. But real life is a different story.

Entrepreneurs love to take advantage of good opportunities that come along, but sometimes those “good ideas” take up the room we need for “great ideas.” 

In this session discover what it takes to make these decisions easier:

• Working with Partners

• Firing People

• Selecting ideal clients

• Financial dilemmas

• Knowing when to say NO makes saying YES a lot easier.

  • How to Select Ideal Clients;
  • How to Work With Difficult People (as partners or employees)
  • How to Take Financial Risks




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