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Auto Dealership Conference 2018

AUT1821 - Maximizing Depreciation in the Era of Tax Reform and the TPRs

Oct 26, 2018 12:00pm ‐ Oct 26, 2018 12:50pm

Standard: $49.00


The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) brings new opportunities, as well as some challenges, to the auto dealership community. This session will focus on several provisions of the Act that may further enhance the utility of a traditional cost segregation study for the automotive industry. The panelists will discuss the impact of the new tax law on dealership purchases and real estate investments, with a focus on tax planning ideas. In addition, continuing application of the Tangible Property Regulations will be explored.

  • Understand how the TCJA may broaden the scope of a cost segregation study on a dealership through changes in:
    o Bonus depreciation
    o Qualified Improvement Property (QIP)
    o Section 179 Expensing 
  • Explain the significance of the 9/27/17 date in determining bonus rates for new construction, renovation projects, and acquisitions.¬†
  • Understand the implications of the Interest Deduction Limitation and its connection with Floor Plan Financing.¬†
  • Explain how the varying structures of dealership-related entities determine the appropriate depreciation methods and class lives applied to those entities.


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