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Financial Planning & Analysis Conference 2018

FPA1808 - Finding, Developing and Keeping Top Talent - 3 Angles to a Common Challenge

Jul 17, 2018 10:45am ‐ Jul 17, 2018 12:00pm

Standard: $49.00


Good news/bad news. The economy has improved, but most organizations are fighting a global talent shortage for skilled, high performing employees. As there are multiple causes, in this presentation we will cover the challenge from multiple angles.

1. Finding and sourcing good people

We cover new methods for sourcing and screening the modern workforce, applying LEAN theory to talent issues. Some of the answers are counter-intuitive, others go beyond “best practices” to future-focused “Next practices”. Learning objectives for this segment include:

• Understanding the new definition of “High Performing” talent

• Using LEAN theory to align candidates with specific jobs

• How to adjust your existing hiring process to become a competitive advantage

2. Developing staff - Fixing Performance Management Using New Tools

Simply put, most employee development and performance management systems do not perform very well. The question is whether improvements can be achieved via relatively minor changes, major overhauls, or radical shifts in how managers think about managing performance. This segment of the presentation is focused on diagnosing the flaws in performance management systems, and how to implement new processes that get better results. Learning objectives for this segment include:

• The state of the art in performance management (pros and cons)

• How to diagnose the flaws in performance management systems

• Build an action plan to get better results

3. Keeping the good ones - Avoiding Turnover and improving engagement

In this segment, engagement is reviewed from several non-HR points of view. How does the COO think engagement lines up with LEAN theory and Six Sigma? How does the CFO think engagement pays off? How does the CEO think that engagement helps with the sustainability of the organization? This segment will offer three specific tactics to overcome the disconnects. Practical methods that will be reviewed include using advanced listening skills, reducing conflict through management training, and value-based hiring methods. Learning objectives include:

• How engagement impacts organizational operations

• Metrics that CFOs use to evaluate engagement, and what metrics will be used in the future

• When engagement is not the answer – business models that reward high turnover

• How to properly communicate the value of engagement with the C-Suite

The presentation has an overall theme of “Fixing the Shortage of Top Talent”, handled with three distinct segments with overlapping content.


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