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Financial Planning & Analysis Conference 2018

FPA18102 - Replacing the One-Year Budget

‐ Jul 16, 2018 10:10am

Standard: $ 79.00

Annual Budgets? We’ve tried them.

Many management teams utilize budgeting in hopes of shaping a successful future, but they typically end up with plans that are out-of-date before they are even printed. Good news we have found better ways to achieve the goals of budgeting without the pain of the existing process. Innovative organizations have found ways to create lean, agile “Future Ready enterprises” by replacing the one year budget.

This session shows you how to Live Future Ready by:

- Rethinking the fundamental approaches to planning and control to enable forward-looking management

- Establishing accountability for results that adjust for today’s constantly changing environment

- Eliminating the prior non-value-added tasks of negotiating budget targets (replacing them with self-correcting relative measures)

- Developing proactive plans that prepare your organization to grab potential opportunities and defend potentials threats

Learning Objectives: This workshop shows you how to:

1. Build the case for changing your current budgeting process

2. Identify why the new approaches better achieve finance objectives

3. Learn from successful organizations who have already made these changes


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