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EDG1813 - Collective Hoop: How High-Achieving Teams Process Small Goals Collectively to Achieve Maximum Results

Jun 13, 2018 2:15pm ‐ Jun 13, 2018 3:05pm

Standard: $49.00


Based upon recently released research studies of highly effective teams, they found that teams that set 2 to 3 goals were most likely achieve all the goals that they set out with the highest level of success, teams that set 4 to 6 goals would only achieve 2 goals and have limited success, teams that set more than 6 to 10 goals would only achieve 1 goal and teams that set more than goals wouldn’t achieve any.

Learning objectives:

• Understand the process and creation of team goals and the factors around limiting the number of goals set and how simple goals produce the highest results

• Review the 9 step process of achievement in the execution of a path towards completion of team goal.


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