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PFP1841 - Positive Life Planning™: Core Skills for Becoming Client's Most Trusted Advisor

Jun 13, 2018 2:15pm ‐ Jun 13, 2018 3:05pm

Standard: $49.00


Have you ever wanted to separate fact from hype about financial life planning? This session answers the question “What is financial life planning anyway, and why should I learn and practice it?” After presenting life planning’s core principles, values, and methods, it introduces Positive Life Planning (PLP). This framework incorporates research and practices from positive psychology, neuroscience, and appreciative inquiry to enrich the life planning process and deepen the outcomes. Attendees will learn about the four core PLP skills (Positive Mindset, Focus on Strengths and Possibilities, Positive Conversations, and Powerful Client Vision) and the role and contribution of each. Key takeaways include 12 positively-framed questions and a brief-and-powerful visioning tool for identifying the client’s deeply held aspirations. Learn why focusing on positives isn’t just “happy talk” but has evidence-based effects which planners will appreciate. Join us and come away with valuable tools and an understanding about life planning and PLP, and “What’s In It For Me?”

Learning objectives:
• Learn how financial life planning, and PLP in particular, enhance the efficiency and outcomes of personal financial planning and contribute to becoming client’s Most Trusted Advisor.
• Understand four core PLP skills (see Session Description above) and how they enhance client engagement, deepen conversations, identify client’s most important goals, and strengthen client commitment to the financial plan, and to the planner as their most trusted advisor.
• Understand how powerful, positively-framed questions ‘work’ and receive 12 powerful ones for immediate use. 4. Receive a brief, straightforward method for eliciting a client’s most important goals that deepens the value and meaning of the financial plan to the client.


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