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TAX1818 - Tax Strategies for Life's Big Changes

Jun 13, 2018 1:45pm ‐ Jun 13, 2018 3:00pm

Standard: $49.00


Financial professionals are usually seen as the “Trusted Advisor” and one of the first people to be informed of “Big Changes at Different Life Stages” our clients experience. The session will cover many life changing events and the various facets of practical advice that should be communicated and implemented in a timely manner at each of those stages in life.

Attendees will gain a wealth of knowledge allowing professionals to take a proactive approach to delivering advice and direction all clients need and desire from their "Trusted Advisor". The session will conclude with the impact the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has on various life stages. The objectives of the session are the following:

1. Gain an understanding of the questions and suggestions a financial advisor should be aware of to be an impact financial advisor.

2. Be provided a list action items for some of the most important "Life Changes" individuals face over a lifetime.

3.Understand how the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" has made an impact on specific planning strategies at various points in an individual's life.

4. Become well versed in a broad spectrum of financial planning advice to truly be the "Trusted Advisor".


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