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PFP18EL06 - Solving the Retirement Crisis - Creating Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies To Optimize Retirement Income - Presented by Retiree Income

Jun 13, 2018 9:30am ‐ Jun 13, 2018 9:55am

Standard: $49.00


You’re already an expert in taxes – you know that clients’ retirement assets have varying tax consequences. But the order in which they’re tapped for income can have an amazing – or devastating – impact on the retirement portfolio. So what happens when you integrate the details of the tax code with wealth management best practices? A withdrawal strategy that can provide years of additional income.

This discovery comes from more than a decade of research published in the article, "Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Strategies," in The Financial Analysts Journal and written by William Meyer, CEO, Retiree Inc., and William Reichenstein, PhD, Co-founder, Retiree Inc. Their research shows how to combine tax-smart withdrawal strategies with sound investment management principles to help you optimize clients’ retirement income.

Learning Objectives

• Assess the impact of the new tax code on your clients’ retirement

• Use tax-smart withdrawal strategies to generate more retirement income for your clients

• Coordinate Social Security into a holistic retirement plan

• Use tax optimization with financial planning and investment management

• Create, analyze and compare tax-efficient withdrawal strategies

• Assess portfolio longevity in varying tax and capital market environments

• Produce easy-to-understand visuals and intuitive outputs for your clients


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