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EST1823 - IRA after Death

Jun 12, 2018 3:05pm ‐ Jun 12, 2018 3:55pm

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Dealing with an estate can be tricky enough in-and-of-itself. Unfortunately, estates become exponentially more complicated when an IRA (or other qualified retirement plan) is involved. Nevertheless, with a decent understanding of the core tax rules, one should be able to navigate the troubled waters of post-mortem IRA distribution planning.

Learning Objectives:

•Understanding and identifying “qualified designated beneficiaries”
•Understanding when the “required beginning date” (“RBD”) starts for spousal beneficiaries and non-spousal beneficiaries
•Calculating required minimum distributions (RMDs) for spousal beneficiaries and non-spousal beneficiaries
•Understanding the “inherited IRA” concept and its benefits
•Calculating the IRC Section 691(c) deduction
•Naming trusts as beneficiaries of IRAs
•Using disclaimers to preserve the IRA “stretch-out” period
•Understanding the separate share rule (as it applies to IRAs payable to trusts)
•Determining which asset to fund the 'bypass trust' at first death


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