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EDG1805 - Feedback: Get It, Give It, Use It.

‐ Jun 12, 2018 2:05pm

Standard: $ 49.00
In a perfect world, giving and receiving performance feedback would be easy. We’d be candid and caring, accurate and forward-looking, understanding and adapting. In reality, our emotions get in the way, and we feel uncomfortable with difficult messages. Our feedback loops often look more like of five years of unreconciled bank statements than they do a polished set of financials. Your career progression hinges on the development of yourself AND the next level of talent.

In this workshop, learn how you can get the feedback you want, give the feedback your team needs and use both to propel your practice.

Learning objectives:
• Identify primary and secondary outcomes in giving and receiving feedback
• Learn a framework for delivering challenging performance feedback conversations
• Understand techniques to obtain the feedback you need to grow and develop, whether you're in your first or thirty-first year (or more) of your career.




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