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CFO Conference 2018

CFO18SS2 - Leasing from a Tenant Perspective

May 4, 2018 7:00am ‐ May 4, 2018 7:50am

Standard: $49.00


1. What are the 3 “myths” that keep tenants from getting the best deals

• myth of market
• myth of transparency
• myth of power

2. Understand the trap of renewing your lease too early
• how much is earlier rent reduction really worth?
• how much are you giving up by not going into the market to compete your requirement?

3. Learn the 5 key numbers that will tell you how low your current landlord should go to renew your lease
• understand the tenants costs of renewing the lease versus moving.
• understand the impact on the landlord's books of retaining a tenant or having to replace a tenant

4. Avoid the 4 common mistakes tenants make that cost them big dollars
• turnkey construction versus construction allowance - how do the numbers really work?
• rentable square feet and building efficiency - what metrics should you use in comparing buildings?
• net lease versus gross leases - watching the escalations.
• ways of billing operating costs and electricity usage

Helping Your Client’s Understand the Numbers & Strategies of Leasing
The real estate industry stacks the cards against a tenant in any leasing transaction. This program will give you the knowledge to advise your clients who face a leasing decision on how to structure their process to get the best lease transaction possible. It's easy if you have the right information and the right strategies.


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