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Women's Global Leadership Summit 2017

WOM1719 - An Actor's Guide To Public Speaking

‐ Nov 9, 2017 3:20pm

Standard: $ 49.00

Being on stage is not just about what you say but about your body language, pacing, intentions behind your words, and the subtext to what you are communicating. The ebb and flow of your presentation can make or break you as a public speaker or presenter. As someone that has been on stage since I was five and has directed and choreographed for almost 25 years, working with thousands of performers from Broadway to local talent, I LOVE helping people take a script and bring honesty to it in order to bring audiences into their story.

This is not the stuffy approach to being on camera or being in front of an audience. There are tactical steps that are easy to implement and will help give you the edge you need to be a selected speaker for a top conference, start your coaching business, or present your pitch in a believable manner. This is also not the hippie, touchy-feely way that some people associate with theater. I will help you find your voice by giving you the step-by-step tools to communicate exactly how you want to be heard.

Then, like any great actor, you will feel at home on stage.

  • Understand how to break down a script
  • Speech Analysis
  • Vocal Variety and delivery




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