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Controllers Conference 2016

104 - Business Ethics for Accountants

‐ Nov 9, 2016 5:00pm

At a CPA firm, ethical standards and requirements for staff members are pretty straightforward: independence, standards of practice, etc. But once you move outside of the firm, how does the term “ethics” apply to accountants who are now in finance departments, internal audit, or other leadership positions in business and industry? This highly interactive and thought-provoking session will take a look at how organizations have integrated ethics into their business practices, and highlight the important role accountants play in helping their organizations manage businesses ethically. Learn about the changing role of the accounting department and how you can help ensure your organization stays out of news headlines for being “unethical.” As part of the session, we will work through a variety of case studies to better understand how to apply business ethics to a variety of organizations.


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