Women's Global Leadership Summit 2017

Nov 8, 2017 ‐ Nov 10, 2017

The AICPA Women’s Global Leadership Summit, is presented by the AICPA Women’s Initiative Executive Committee with Partners AWSCPA and CPA Canada. The objective of this conference is to focus on leadership, boardroom diversity, and best practices to enhance the skills and potential of women leaders within the financial community. The high-level caliber of speakers will provide training and information on how women can secure their future in this complex industry.

This summit will also provide women leaders with a unique opportunity to gain new insights and to learn directly from other successful professional women. The sessions & workshops offer a full scope of perspectives - from women finance leaders in firms, business & industry, not for profits, academia and government.

You will have an opportunity to enhance your business skills, bringing value to your organization and to your career. Interactive workshops will focus on key topics - leadership, business development, strategic planning, networking, communication, negotiation, risk management and change management.


Planning for Self Care 2018 iconPlanning for Self Care 2018

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Planning for Self Care 2018

Nov 9, 2017 11:40am ‐ Nov 9, 2017 12:30pm

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The self-care seminar is focused on how managers, leaders, and business owners incorporate taking care of their mental, physical, and financial health to ensure optimum performance in addition to ensuring employees are as well. This session will provide techniques and programs to incorporate at work to reduce stress, increase productivity & profitability, and reduce employee presentism.

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