Employee Benefit Plans 2016

May 9, 2016 ‐ May 12, 2016

Quality is a shared goal — one that unites you, your clients and your public responsibility with peers across the country and the AICPA. And every year, the Employee Benefit Plans Conference reviews the issues and challenges that are best addressed together as a profession.

This year’s conference continues that approach with a special focus to align audit and tax professionals of all experience levels on topics that are of mutual importance. Respected experts will cover audit quality and tax compliance fundamentals plus advanced techniques that stand up to the highest scrutiny from all stakeholders.

You will gain a comprehensive review of audit and tax professional standards. The following pages include details about the AICPA Employee Benefits Conference, as well as an overview of the AICPA's strategic resources in audit and tax. Learn more about the steps we are taking, and join the endeavor by attending the conference on-site or online.